• Skwozen™ •

Now you really can hold all the cards! 

Take the fun of traditional playing cards, add new moves, and mathemagically squeeze it all down to convenient size! Each Skwozen™ deck is small enough to tuck it and take it, wherever you go. Play Skwozen Hand Hunt solitaire, Skwozen Poker, Skwozen Blackjack, and other fun games anywhere, even without a table.

Skwozen cards are like regular playing cards in some ways. They have all 52 of the usual pips – Ace of Spades, Queen of Hearts, and so on. But Skwozen cards fit all of these pips into a much smaller space, making them very portable, and better for the planet. Each Skwozen card is less than half the size of a regular poker card. And there are less than a third as many cards in a Skwozen deck as in a regular poker deck. With a Skwozen deck, you can play card games even if there’s no table or countertop handy, because it’s easy to hold the entire deck all at once.


Play Skwozen™ Games:

• Standing in line

• Riding the subway

• On the plane

• Riding in a car

• Waiting for a friend

• When your phone is dead  ;-)

• To break the ice

• On the throne

• Anytime!


How to play:

Choose a Game

Included are quick guides for playing two different Solitaire games, as well as new twists on Blackjack, Poker, Rummy, Old Maid, Go Fish, and Thirty-One. And we bet you’ll enjoy Skwozen twists on your other favorite games, too!

Choose a Pip Location

Take a Turn by Rotating a Card